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"I have had my idea for a long time and it wasn't untiI used this book that it actually came to life"  

Diane R., Washington DC

"My business has been going for 3 years without a plan using this book helped me write a plan that makes me more confident about my future"

"I have always had a hard time writing my plan. I did the exercises in this book and I had a plan! Funny part was that I didn't even know I was writing it until the end. "

Kenneth M., Atlanta, GA

Karen H., Houston TX

This easy to read workbook will help you get ready to make the changes to need to live a new life!

This best- selling book written by  Business Coach and Author Marc E. Parham and accompanying tools will help you make the changes you need to live a new life


Are you ready to change your life by starting or growing your own business?


This book written by Marc Parham author of the book "Yes I Can Develop My Idea And Start A Business" will help you ready to change your life.


This book will give you very simple , practical steps to make the changes that will be required to create your new life!





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