Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Certifications? Which ones do I need? Do I have to be certified in my home state, how do I know if I qualify for certification?

It really depends on what kind of business you have, your company's  goals, and which ones you qualify for. dbe Consulting offers a 15 minute phone consultation to determine which certifications your company qualifies for and which ones best fits your needs. You must be certified in your home state before you can be certified in another state.




 02  I'm interested in responding to a bid or RFP what are the next steps?

There are several steps in responding to a request for proposal. One of the first steps would be to read the bid and make sure you qualify, after determining if this is something that you qualify for and something you're definitely interested and believe with an opportunity you will win! Then contact dbe Consulting, we assist with breaking down the RFP, going through a timeline and compliance. Our team of writers, project Mangers,  compliance officers, graphics, editors and printers, all pull together to make sure that the bid response is found responsive and has an opportunity to win.



 03  What does it cost to prepare a bid?

Depends on the size of the bid and how much information we need to pull together we usually can do a 30 minute consultation and determine the price.




 04  I started a business how do I get government contracts? How do I grow my business?

There are several avenues to pursue for government contract it depends on what your specialty, your area of expertise how large your company is and what your goals are for growth.