Find Balance with CAPBuilder Network Professional Development Coaching

This structured comprehensive coaching program has been specifically developed for the business professional and business owners that are working on increasing their influence and revenue. The result will be a strategic documented plan for growth that we will help you implement.


My Story
Marc Parham

I have been successfully working as a business development consultant and Infopreneur for over 30 years.  I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their professional and business goals. I have created a structured base coaching solution that will make the best use of your time while helping you achieve your goals.

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Structured-Based Approach

We recognize that time is money. Our structured base approach will make the best use of your time. Our unique online system will allow you to work on your schedule.

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Professional Development Coaching

You have excelled in your professional and business life and you are ready to transition those skills and experience to your own business enterprise.

Business Development Coaching

You are running a successful business and are ready to develop a strategy to take it to the next level.

Professional Services

We offer professional services that will help you increase revenue and grow your business.


How It Works

A coaching solution that works for you!

STEP 1 -Schedule your FREE consultation session

Schedule your FREE consultation session with a member of our team to discuss your situation to make sure our program is the right fit for you.

STEP 2 - Register to begin coaching program

Register to schedule your program review and coaching contract. After form submission, you will be able to schedule your session.

STEP 3 - Start the program!

Your coaching program will begin after you and your coach agree on the right program and schedule of activities.


Structured Based Approach


Structured Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are designed to follow a structured path to help you. Each program has an outline of the coaching sessions so you will always know what is happening.

Online Accessibility

Our solution is totally online. You will receive surveys prior to your session that will help to keep the sessions focused. All sessions will be recorded and you will get a copy of the written, audio and video notes.

On Your Schedule

The program is set up for you to totally control when and how you engage your coach. All meetings are online or over the phone that you schedule. Our job is to make sure that you stay focused and on the agreed-upon schedule.

Documented Progress

Through the use of surveys and other online tools, we are able to document your entire process. These documents will be utilized to develop the strategic development plan.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Program Overview

10 session program to help Professionals and Business Owners develop and implement business development strategies in today's marketplace.

A session can be held once or more per month depending on the availability of the client. It is recommended that there are at least 2 sessions per month.


Program Structure

Each client will receive personal and business development coaching sessions and support.

  • Up to Two 1 on 1 coaching sessions per month.

  • Online surveys and other tools are utilized for each coaching session.

  • Online surveys will be sent to the client prior to the session. The completed survey will be discussed during the coaching session.

  • The results of the surveys and tools will be utilized to create the program outcomes.

    • Personal Development Plan

    • Strategic Business Growth Plan

  • Membership to private support site used to do research, stay abreast of current activities, communicate with other members and more.

  • Direct contact with business coaches to answer questions.


Professional and Business Development Coaching Curriculum


This 8 session coaching program will help you develop your strategic business and professional development plan.


Initial Consultation


Your first session with your coach where you will share your goals, timeline and other items that will make your coaching a success.

Who Are You?

Developing your Unique Proposition Statement (USP) and Pitch


What are your professional goals?

Learn to develop your professional goals that will be in your Professional Development Plan.


What is your plan?

Utilize your USP, Pitch, and Goals to create your Personal Development Plan.


How healthy is your business?

You will do a self-assessment of your business and discuss with your coach possible areas of improvement.


Are you selling the right products/services?

You will learn how to do an in-depth analysis to evaluate your product and service offering to make sure you are selling the right things.


Who are your customers?

You will evaluate or develop your brand position in relation to your target customer.


What are your business goals?

You will learn how to develop an executive summary for your business that will include your strategy for growth.


Putting it all together!

You will learn how to take everything you have developed to implement a successful growth strategy.


Professional Services

We offer a suite of professional services that will help you achieve your goals.


Accountability Coaching

You may schedule regular monthly coaching sessions that will help you to stay focused on your growth plan.

Content Development Services

We can provide assistance in all areas of content development.

  • Article writing

  • Blog post

  • Article curation

  • Proposal development

  • Pitch development

  • Other content development

Private Resource Site

Our private membership site Small Business Vida provides access to vetted materials and resources to help you grow your business.

Price List

Professional and Business Development Coaching Program.


A 10 Session coaching program that will cover your professional and business goals. Payment plans available.

Outcome: Three Documents

1. Professional Development Action Plan

2. Strategic Business Development Action Plan

3. Business Executive Summary

Professional Services


These services are priced on a case by case basis. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.